Goof: Guilford Edge climbing high…on Mt. Everest

Disclaimer: This story is a part of out April Fool’s edition, The Goofordian. This story was created by Guilfordian Staff and is not based in fact.


As a part of the new Guilford Edge curriculum kicking off in the Fall 2019 semester, incoming freshman will be sent to the edge of Mount Everest in Nepal for their orientation week from Tuesday, Aug. 14 to Tuesday, Aug. 21. On the trip, students will have the opportunity to bond with each other and learn valuable life skills that align with the four pillars of the Guilford Edge, learning collaboratively, teaming for success, rallying campus spirit and incorporating ethical leadership.

Along with the First Year Seminar professors, Professor of Chemistry Rob Whitnell and Associate Professor of Spanish Alfonso Abad Macheño will supervise the trip. Both Whitnell and Abad Macheño had experience camping as Eagle Scouts and hope to enrich student’s learning by offering their expertise to those on the trip.

“We believe that the Mount Everest program is comparable to the Edge,” Whitnell said. “Just as the Edge will push the frontiers of how we can learn, our orientation at Everest will push the frontiers of how we can stay alive.”

Abad Macheño has shown similar excitement for what the program has to offer.

“During our trip, we will have the normal periodic student advising sessions as we climb the mountain, which will help students acclimate to the Guilford curriculum,” said Abad Macheño.

“We also want the students to get to know each other, so we will be hosting various activities such as daily camping cookouts, community hiking trips, authentic Nepalese dance parties and the annual Passing of the Light Ceremony with special guest Guilford College President Jane Fernandes to welcome new students into the Guilford community.”

In order to make the Mount Everest Program free for all students, including transportation, lodging and food, Guilford will rent out the Early College trailers for the school year to serve as President of High Point University Nido Qubein’s private modeling studio. During this time, Early College students will be hosting classes on the tennis courts.

Following freshman orientation week, students can choose to remain with Abad Macheño, who will be teaching a three-week introductory course on rock climbing to further teach students how to climb rocks.

“The Guilford Edge allows us to vary our courses in order to produce a more diverse list than any other college can boast,” Abad Macheño said. “In addition to teaching Spanish, I will also be molding students into expert climbers in just three weeks.”

Despite the support from professors Whitnell and Abad Macheño, others remain more skeptical of the program.

“As if Guilford College hasn’t taken the theme of camping too seriously already with all the tents in the library, now they’re actually sending these poor kids to camp out in Nepal,” said Associate Professor of Mathematics Ben Marlin. “I just hope they don’t send me there too.”

Some current first-years also expressed similar sentiments.

“I’m glad I didn’t have to go through this,” said first-year Ian Ford. “To be honest, I think they are taking the edge in Guilford Edge a little too seriously, and I don’t think going to Nepal will help students adjust to life on campus. After all, isn’t that what freshman orientation is about?”

Nevertheless, the Mount Everest Program will give students a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit one of the most iconic places in the world, while introducing them to the beginning of their four years at college.

“I think that the Everest program is a worthwhile investment, as freshman should learn how to toughen up,” said senior Jordan Belfort. “If they have to suffer through the program, then that’s good. We might as well send the Early College students there too.”