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Event showcases Guilford’s LGBTQIA history

Guilford offered students, faculty, staff and other community members the chance to learn about the College’s LGBTQIA history at Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company on Thursday, March 22. The event also featured the LGBTQIA history of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and focused on how LGBTQIA activists fought for their rights on the two campuses. The event was organized by Friends Historical Collection Librarian and College Archivist Gwen Gosney Erickson.


Yaching Club hosts annual convention

From March 23 to 25, Guilford’s Yachting Club hosted its annual science fiction, gaming, fantasy and comics convention entitled, “What the Hell?! Con.” The theme of this year’s convention was “Dazed and CONfused.” The convention featured entertainment such as a board and card game room, an Iron Chef competition, a tournament entitled, “Magic: The Gathering Tournament,” a geek auction, an Amtgard game and an art showcase. The theme of last year’s convention was “heroes versus villains,” and the convention was first organized in 2001.


Guilford offers community the chance to relieve stress

While in the midst of the spring semester, Guilford provided students, faculty, staff and other community members the opportunity to relieve stress during an event entitled, “Mindful Experiencing for Stress Management,” which was offered at the Hut on Friday, March 23. The event gave attendees the chance to try experiential exercises as well as engage in conversation. It was intended to help attendees deal with anxious feelings, worry and self-deflating behaviors.


Guilford hosts French film festival

On Friday, March 23, Monday, March 26 and Wednesday, March 28, Guilford hosted the French films, “Latest News from the Cosmos,” “Being 17” and “Hippocrates, Diary of a French Doctor,” respectively. The films are part of the “Perspectives on France: A Tournées Film Festival,” organized by Associate Professor For Foreign Languages and Early College Liaison Maria Bobroff and co-sponsored by the department of foreign languages, the Multicultural Education Department, the Muslim Student Association and the women’s, gender and sexuality studies department.


Career Deevelopment Center holds Career Action Week

The week of March 26 through March 30, Guilford’s Career Development Center hosted Career Action Week, a series of events designed to prepare students for their future careers. Throughout the week, the CDC hosted events describing how to get internships, create a resume, succeed at an interview, dress professionally and establish a LinkedIn presence. On Wednesday, April 4, the CDC will be hosting the 2018 Opportunities Fair.


Vamce Ricks offers discussion about “The Good Place”

Associate Professor of Philosophy Vance Ricks paid homage to the NBC comedy show, “The Good Place,” starring Kristen Bell, on Monday, March 26 in an event entitled, “Dinner and Discussion: What the Fork is Moral Philosophy?” At the event, Ricks explained the philosophical references in the TV show and offered attendees the chance to discuss their favorite scenes from the show. The event was sponsored by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement and the Honors Program.