Goof: Guilford joins Lime Scooter racing league

Disclaimer: This story is a part of out April Fool’s edition, The Goofordian. This story was created by Guilfordian Staff and is not based in fact.


College campuses around the nation have Quidditch, LARP clubs and even golf as a part of their long lists of campus organizations. Guilford is moving into uncharted waters with the founding of the first Lime Scooter (Lime-S) racing league in the U.S.

After rising demand from local underground racers, the school has decided to make history with the founding of the first all-student team, Inner Light-Speed. Inner Light-Speed held its first meeting with league members on Tuesday, Mar. 19 in the East Gallery of Founders Hall.

Inner Light-Speed Captain junior Matt Rouse was one of the first students drafted by Guilford. Rouse’s reputation as a lime racer dates back well before Inner Light-Speed.

“We’ve been racing on our own for over 5 months now,” Rouse said. “It’s only recently the school has reached out to us to make it official. For a lot of us, we never expected for this to take us so far.”

Rouse and four other students have been training on their own, competing against other local scooter teams ever since Guilford first acquired Lime Scooters, in addition to the bikes, this past academic year.

The push from Guilford and other schools to make the Lime Scooter racing league official came as a surprise to many in the racing community.

While many racers are excited about the chance for greater visibility and opportunities for sponsorship, some in the community are sad to see it lose its underground appeal. Junior Maya Whitpoole, one of the founders of the first underground Lime Scooter racing team in the Guilford and greater Greensboro area, is one of the few Guilford racers who declined the school’s invitation to join Inner Light-Speed.

“Institutions having a stake in Lime Scooter racing completely defeats the purpose of what this sport is all about,” said Whitpoole at a triad panel on underground Lime-S racing that was held in Winston Salem on Friday, Mar. 22.

According to Whitpoole, for her and her underground racing team, Gate City Lightning, racing is all about freedom and expression of self rather than profit.

While universities all over the U.S. sign more teams and racing leagues, Gate City Lightning and other groups continue to operate underground.

Over the past couple weeks, Inner Light-Speed has attracted crowds of Guilford and Greensboro community members to campus for racing events and practices. Administration expects the creation of Inner Light-Speed will increase interest in Guilford by at least 15 percent.

“We’re really excited about our partnership with Guilford and are just amped to see the team in action,” said Assistant Coach of Inner Light-Speed and Co-Founder of Lime Bill White.

The school has been taking advantage of the team’s current popularity and plans to purchase a billboard in the future highlighting some of their star players.

Restrictions on when and where the team can practice has left some of the racers feeling constrained and yearning for the season to begin. However, according to White, as of right now, the members of Inner Light-Speed are solely focused on training and racing to the best of their abilities.

“They simply want to race,” White said.