Men’s basketball takes on a new assistant coach


Men’s basketball introduces LaVar Ball as new assistant coach.

After bringing an Old Dominion Athletic Conference title back to Guilford, the Quakers’ men’s basketball team invite a new face to program: LaVar Ball.

That’s right, father of the basektball trio of Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo, known as the Ball brothers, was recently named an assistant coach of the program.

“We would really like to see the team feed off his energy,” said athletic director and men’s basketball head coach Tom Palombo. “We have a lot of new guys stepping up into leadership positions. Hopefully, having (LaVar) here can do big things for their confidence.”

Ball has received recent criticism for several outlandish statements he has made. He claimed his eldest son, Lonzo Ball, is better than two time NBA most valuable player Stephen Curry. He also said that he, himself, could beat Michael Jordan in his prime one-on-one, despite not playing basketball professionaly at any point, primarily being a football player and only averaging just over two points a game while playing basketball in college.

His sons, however, have performed at an elite level. Lonzo, freshman guard at the University of California at Los Angeles, declared for the draft last week and is project to be a top five pick.

The younger brothers, LiAngelo (a senior in high school) and LaMelo (a sophomore), have made incredible strides for their school, Chino Hills High. Both younger brothers are commited to UCLA as well.

“He’s raised some incredible kids,” said Palombo. “We are hoping he can train our team the same way he has trained them.”

The Guilfordian was able to sit down with the trio’s father to discuss his goals for the Quakers.

“They are going to have to learn how to make toe size championship rings,” said Ball. “Because while I’m here, we will win the ODAC ten plus times.”

Ball went on to elaborate on how the “Showtime Quakers” will be making regular runs at national titles.

“We might as well just rent out a house at Salem,” said Ball. “Save on hotel costs. We are gonna be there too often.”

With these statements, most would feel he is putting too much pressure on the team. However, Palombo praised the confidence of Ball, who can keep the team’s head up even when negative things happen.

“Even if we lose, the team doesn’t feel it,” said Palombo. “LaVar has so much confidence in our program. Excellence is our only standard.”