Calvin Hunter joins the College’s faculty

Associate Professor of Sport Management Calvin Hunter ’92 poses for a portrait on Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018.//Photo by Julia Martins de Sa/The Guilfordian

Former quarterback of the Guilford College football team Calvin Hunter ʼ92 has returned to Guilford as a new associate professor for sport studies.

Hunter moved from his home in Florida, where he worked at Flagler College, to North Carolina to teach at Guilford.

“I like being able to come home,” said Hunter. “It’s a great opportunity to come and be a part of something I cherished a lot when I was here.”

This semester Hunter is teaching Introduction to “Sport Management,” “Sport Marketing” and “History of Sport”.

This is Hunter’s first semester as a professor at Guilford, but after one month, he believes things are going well.

“So far, so good. I hit the ground running,” said Hunter.

Originally from Greenville, North Carolina, Hunter once called Guilford College home, having been one of the most successful quarterbacks in the College’s history.

Hunter’s football career began when he was in the seventh grade, but his interest in the sport was born well before then.

Hunter has been a dedicated football watcher and a Steelers fan since he was a child.

He was inspired by his older brother, who also played football.

While it was Hunter’s choice to begin playing, his mother pushed him to follow through with his decision.

“‘If you’re going to play, you’re to play all the way through,’” said Hunter, quoting his mother.

Though he was pushed to continue playing throughout high school and eventually into college, Hunter loves football, his favorite part being the strategy involved in winning the game.

“It’s a chess match, in terms of anticipating what defense will do and executing the plays,” said Hunter.

In his time as a student-athlete at Guilford, Hunter set 13 College records, and he still holds three of them today. In 2006, Hunter was inducted into the Guilford College Athletics Hall of Fame.

“I’m surprised I still hold three,” said Hunter. “It’s a neat thing to make my mark, so to speak.”

Hunter said that for him, playing football was never about breaking or keeping records, but more about cherishing his teammates and the friendships he made with them. Hunter is still good friends with some of his former Guilford teammates.

Hunter was given the nickname “Poise” by his teammates when he attended Guilford because of his composure on the field.

“I was willing to stay in the pocket, take some hits,” said Hunter.

Hunter explained that in the moments that he refused to budge on the field, his heart was racing, but that he kept a calm front and played to his best ability.

In 1991, Hunter was awarded the Old Dominion Athletic Conference Football Player of the Year Award after leading his team to winning the league title.

Despite his love for football, Hunter does not watch the sport at home as often as he used to, allowing his family to take up most of his spare time. Hunter has a wife and two sons, ages 9 and 18.

Hunter and his family are big Disney fans, having visited the park once a month for the seven years they lived in Florida.

The Hunter family also enjoys traveling, having been on multiple cruises and all across the United States. This summer, Hunter plans to take a family trip to Austin, Texas.

However, while Hunter is not traveling with his family, he plans to institute change at Guilford College concerning the Sport Management program.

“The near future is being here and making some changes to the Sport Management program that are needed to make our students more marketable in the real world,” said Hunter.

Hunter explained that the program has not changed in recent years despite the shift that has taken place in the job field, but Hunter hopes to bring these changes to Guilford in his time as an associate professor.

Hunter is optimistic about the changes he hopes to implement in the program.

“I think in the short term I can definitely have a major impact on that,” said Hunter. “We’ll see where it goes from there.”