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Disney streams its way to the top

Matthew Climbingbear, Staff Writer

December 3, 2019

Disney Plus has been an ongoing conversation starter since the Disney empire announced its plans to create its own streaming platform in 2017. The idea is brilliant on Disney’s end but nonetheless, it’s complete blasphemy that Disney is going through such a hassle just to make even more money th...

Calvin Hunter joins the College’s faculty

Calvin Hunter joins the College’s faculty

Julia Martins de Sa, Assistant Photo Editor

February 9, 2018

Former quarterback of the Guilford College football team Calvin Hunter ʼ92 has returned to Guilford as a new associate professor for sport studies. Hunter moved from his home in Florida, where he worked at Flagler College, to North Carolina to teach at Guilford. “I like being able to come home,”...

Etsuo’s Corner: English

Etsuo Fujita, Staff Writer

January 26, 2018

This week, I would like to introduce how some international students learn English and the struggles they can face when they come to Guilford. People who speak English as a first language do not recognize these difficulties, so I want to share how difficult English is for students who learn it as a second...