‘The Owl House’ Season Three series finale review (spoilers ahead)

‘ The Owl House’ fans eagerly awaited the arrival of the three-part series finale.

For over four months, fans of Disney’s ” The Owl House” have been squirming with anticipation for the three-episode conclusion of the series. After being denied a proper final season by Disney, the show’s creator, Dana Terrace, wasted no time to ensure that the few final episodes her team was given would be ones to remember.

On Oct. 15, the first of the three-part series, titled “Thanks to Them,” was released, and it was, in a word, phenomenal.

After a brief recap of the ending of the Season Two finale, the episode kicks off with a montage of Luz and the gang’s time in the human realm. Luz comes out to her mother and officially introduces Amity as her girlfriend, while Gus’s illusions run around with pride flags and rainbows. 

Our favorite witches spend their time enjoying and discovering the wonders of the human realm as, for the first time, they experience rain that doesn’t boil. They acquire some stylish new outfits and attempt to fix up a new portal door. In the meantime, Willow takes an interest in photography, Hunter cuts his hair during an identity crisis, Vee develops her own human persona and Gus… well, Gus ropes Hunter into reading old “Cosmic Frontier” comics. He also loves all of the new human stuff he has access to.

Since the show is limited to 40 minutes of screen time, the montage gives fans a peek into what the characters have been up to before diving headfirst into the actual episode. The montage isn’t a perfect substitute for a longer episode, but that’s what fan fiction is for.

After the montage concludes, we learn that our favorite sextet has broken up into two storylines. One follows Amity, Gus, Vee and Willow as they search Gravesfield for remnants of past witches who had visited the human realm. They get into store shenanigans, make contact with the giraffes they banished and visit the local library along the way. 

Meanwhile, Hunter and Luz are on the hunt for Belos. Hunter catches sight of him and is eventually possessed by him, just in time for Halloween. We all knew he’d be back, but we all hoped Terrace would leave our traumatized duo alone. Obviously, some creators take pleasure in making their characters suffer, as Hunter is forced to fight his friends in an abandoned graveyard. 

Hunter’s transformation and the graveyard fight scenes are beautifully done. The flow of movements is so fast and fluid that the spike in animation quality is honestly a little jarring. The fight ends just as fast as it began, leaving Hunter with new scars across his face and body, but what’s worse is that the fandom wept at the loss of Flapjack, the palisman who gave up his life for his witch. Rest in peace, little rascal. You will be missed. 

So, with the hatred for Belos renewed and growing ever hotter among the ” The Owl House” fandom and characters alike, we all go forward with the goal of making Emperor Belos bleed.