The Milky Way of coffee


Maria Guerrero Hernandez

Cafe Au Lait brings cozy warmth to cold winter days.

Welcome to the Cottage’s Coffee column! This week, I’ll be reviewing Cafe Au Lait with hazelnut syrup. This drink is great during chilly days because it not only warms up your hands, but also warms your body and soul when North Carolina winters are soul-crushingly cold. 

For those who are not really coffee people, this drink is great because it’s made with hot milk added to a shot of espresso, so the milk helps to soften the coffee flavor. You don’t have to add the hazelnut syrup into the drink, but I like to add a little sweetness to my coffee drinks. 

The syrup was a good addition because it really enhanced the flavor of the drink to make it more enjoyable, but it wasn’t too sweet. If you don’t like sweetness, the syrup isn’t too much, and if you don’t like sugar at all, you can just drink the coffee as is with no syrup, and it’s still just as good. 

If I were to describe the drink as an image, I imagine being in the French countryside, in a beautiful villa with flowers and vines hanging on the balcony. It’s 8 a.m. and the sunrise has the beautiful orange-gold glow that we all know and love, shining light on a beautiful grape farm that goes on for miles. 

The smell of fresh dewy grass fills the air as the birds sing to wake everyone from their peaceful slumber. The whole scene inspires you to write a beautiful love story in your brown leather notebook as you enjoy a fresh cup of Cafe Au Lait during that picturesque morning.

Sweetness: 2/5 sugar cubes

Caffenation: 2/5 coffee beans