Spring memories in a single sip


Maria Guerrero Hernandez

The spring tea frappe from Rachel’s Cottage is a sweet mix of coconut, coconut milk, matcha and pistachio syrup.

Welcome to the Cottage’s Coffee column! 

This week I’m reviewing the spring tea frappe. If you’re looking for a nice sweet drink with great coconut flavor, give this a try. 

When I asked the talented baristas at Rachel’s Rose Cottage what drink I should try, they suggested the spring tea. It’s a mix of matcha, coconut, coconut milk and pistachio syrup in a nice cool frappe, perfect for warmer weather.

The drink tasted wonderful, and the matcha and the pistachio syrup just enhanced the coconut flavor and made the drink sweeter. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you’ll love this frappe.

When I first tasted the drink, I had a “Ratatouille” moment and was taken back to my childhood, to those summer days when I was overheated and sweating buckets. My parents took my siblings and me to the pulga (flea market) to get some nice cool desserts.

I remember waiting at the paleta (popsicle) stand in my Justice store clothes: bedazzled jean shorts, a purple shirt with a cute little monkey on the front and little pink flip-flops. 

The frappe tastes exactly like the coconut paleta that I was made to share with my siblings, because we would not finish a whole popsicle if we each had our own. The paleta would cool us down from those hot summer days and satisfy our sugar cravings for the day.

Sweetness: 5/5 sugar cubes 

Caffeine: 0/5 coffee beans