Growing season on Guilford College Farm

The Guilford College Farm is home to healthy foods served in the cafeteria, including kale, lettuce and beets.  It’s also a place where a wide range of students are able to experience growing and maintaining fruits and veggies for the College. Once the food is harvested, it is washed, weighed and bagged for the cafeteria and for storage.

Tomatoes harvested in the summer are stored on bread pallet trays in the barn on the farm, while kale and other leafy greens are stored in a walk-in refrigerator.  A root cellar provides storage space for potatoes and other root vegetables.   In addition, animals are a familiar sight in the barn, home to cats and a farm dog – all of which contribute to the farm’s relaxed atmosphere.

Produce is grown year-round on the farm’s large fields and in its greenhouses, with a focus on sustainability and serving the College and larger community.  In addition to providing produce for the cafeteria, the farm supplies food to local restaurants, grocery stores and local people in need.