Chances for service, advancement abound

Although the Guilford Edge has brought many changes to the campus and community, many of Guilford’s pre-existing programs are continuing to be prevalent. Many of these programs are aimed to help students apply their learning to real-world situations.

The Bonner Center for Community Service and Learning offers many service sites and programs designed to benefit the Guilford community, including the Food Justice Club, African Services Coalition and Quaker Cupboard Food Pantry. Additionally, the Bonner Center uses programs such as the Bonner Scholars and Community Scholars programs to encourage students to give back to the community through service work.

The Career Development Center is home to the Guided Discovery Team, which aims to help students plan for post-college success while exploring their interests and passions at Guilford. They are also available to offer academic support and guidance in career exploration.

The Center for Principled Problem Solving also works to engage students though the Principled Problem Solving Scholars program, in which students can receive financial and academic support in addition to guidance in career development. For students wishing to learn from an interdisciplinary, place-based education, CPPS also provides opportunities to learn in the Cape Fear River Basin Studies Program. This program also allows students to learn from others who are working both within and outside their main field of study.

In addition, the Honors Program provides students with a supportive community that is committed to achieving academic excellence. Students who participate in this program can develop their skills through seminars, collaboration with faculty members and extra-curricular activities.

Another scholars program that Guilford offers is the Multicultural Leaders Scholars Program. Students who choose to take part in this program gain experience in the practical application of several Guilford College values, such as diversity and inclusion, through community-based projects. Students also receive financial aid through the form of a scholarship for the academic year in order to help alleviate the financial burden of attending college.

This program also holds annual conferences and symposiums to celebrate different parts of the community. The Soy Un Lider conference focuses on empowering and preparing high school students from the Latino and international community to apply to college through several workshops that cover topics such as financial aid. The Multicultural Leaders Scholars Program also hosts the All Black Everything Symposium, which aims to allow members of the Guilford community to share their creative and academic works of Black culture and history.

Another opportunity for students to share their works and projects from throughout the academic year is the Guilford Undergraduate Symposium. This campus-wide event occurs every April, and allows students to present their work through posters, exhibitions, performances, panel discussions and short talks.

Through this variety of programs and development opportunities, students are able to find new passions and work towards developing themselves in addition to increasing their academic knowledge.