Students explain life in on-campus apartments

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Up a hill and next to Milner Hall lies the North and South Apartments. These apartments are places that many students call home. Here, they can cook their own meals and have their own bathrooms and rooms.

“I enjoy living in the apartments,” said sophomore and sports management major Kaleb Jeune. “The apartments have a luxurious space. We have three suitemates, I have my own communal bathroom that I share with one of my suitemates. We have our own kitchen area and a nice common area.”

Although the North and South Apartments have similarities, they each have a different setting. The South apartments, also known to students as “The News,” are comprised of three large buildings that have four suites in each floor, and each suite has two bedrooms on either side with one bathroom each. The North Apartments, known as “The Olds”, are comprised of four separate buildings that have four rooms each, and a laundry building separate from them. The North apartments surrounded by hills, unlike the flatter landscape around the South apartments.

Sophomore and forensics biology major Kieran Arbury feels that the living space in the apartments is an improvement from some of the freshman dormitories that are available to Guilford students, and would recommend it to others who are looking for more options.

“The Olds is where I live,” Arbury said. “And I like that a lot more just because it’s a bit farther away from campus, in sense (more secluded) I feel like.”

Living in the apartments can give students a sense of living independently off-campus rather than surrounded by fellow students in on-campus living spaces.

Some students chose to live in the apartments because of friends who recommended it.

“The reason why I chose the South Apartments was because my friends have seen the South apartments and they have enjoyed the view,” said Jeune. “The walking distance is not that bad from the gym, the Caf, and basically we have the apartment to our own selves. We have four people in here and it’s a nice comfy area.”

Students should evaluate the pros and cons of the apartements when choosing where they want to live.

“I actually would recommend all of the apartments,” said senior and exercise and sport sciences major Gabriela Silva. “It’s just what your preference is in living situations. So for example, if you feel the need to have a washroom dryer in your apartment and you really like that, then I would suggest living in the North Apartments. But if you don’t care so much about that, then I would say the South apartments.”

The variety of living spaces, both on and off campus, allow students to find what fits them best in order to create a more positive experience at Guilford.