Guilfordians welcome class cancellations


Shannon Petsch

Guilford College men’s lacrosse enjoy their day off playing in the snow on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018.// Photo by Shannon Petsch/The Guilfordian

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, Greensboro prepared for snow. Guilford College students speculated in class about cancellations and delays. At 9:59 p.m., the first notification appeared on students’ phones: a delayed opening for Wednesday, Jan 17.

But classes on both Wednesday and Thursday ended up being canceled, and Guilford operated on a delayed schedule that Friday. The snow piled up outside, reaching between four and six inches.

The atmosphere on campus held some of the elementary school excitement for snow. Those from the south, particularly, had memories of trying to coax snow into existence.

“We used to wear our pajamas inside-out,” said junior Casey Graziosi. “Then we’d spin around three times anytime someone said the word ‘snow.’”

Though students were not seen spinning around or wearing their pajamas inside-out, there were snowball fights and snowmen. The lake froze over, though students were warned not to walk on it. Footprints marked the brick pathways before the College had plows clear off the sidewalks.

Many students welcomed the two days off and Friday’s delay.

“Personally, I think we should have had three days of cancellation,” said junior Amelia Wellman. “On my way to class, I saw tons of people slip or fall. It’s definitely a health hazard.”

Though the walkways were plowed, there were still thin layers of ice scattered around the pavement.

Some students were disappointed by the work they had to make up for the missed days of classes.

“I wish we’d just kept on schedule so I wouldn’t have so many pages to read,” said first-year Ian Gordon. “It might be my own fault, but I’m going to blame it on the snow days.”

Classes proceeded as normal the following Monday, only a few patches of snow remaining.