Staff Editorial: Seasonal depression looms over college students

Record-setting cold weather in North Carolina has hit us with the force of a truck. A very stealthy truck that rammed into us with little pretense or warning. It’s the point in the semester where it’s steadily becoming freezing, your work is rapidly piling up and you’d much rather hibernate under your blankets than head to class. Seasonal depression can set in faster than the chill seeps into your bones.

We at The Guilfordian urge students to be mindful of both their physical and mental health in these times. The mental drain that accompanies shorter days can be just as trying as the colds and flus that are beginning to infect our peers. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Yes, it can be tempting to pull an all-nighter in order to finish that essay that’s looming over you, but a lack of sleep can contribute to waning concentration and a more irritable mood.

Know when to take breaks. In a culture where we’re pressured to constantly feel productive, it can feel shameful to carve out some time for rest or even a brief nap. It’s not efficient to have your nose pressed to the grindstone at all hours of the day. Talk to a friend, watch an episode of a show or go for a brisk walk in the woods. Your brain and stress levels will thank you.

College can be burdensome. It’s important to remember that life should have sparks of levity, even when hypothermia feels like an ever-present threat the moment you step outside. Go downtown! Buy a furry coat! Drink some hot cocoa! The season is imploring you to do so.

Also, spend time with your friends. Check up on them. Maybe call your mom.