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Professor Mylène Dressler will celebrate release of her new novel with students and community

Mylène Dressler, Associate Professor of English, and fellow Associate Professor Diya Abdo had to change their planned three-week, study-abroad course to a class they titled Writing in Real Time // Photo by Maia Dery.

Praveena Somasundaram, Features Editor

September 8, 2017

Six years ago, Associate Professor of English Mylène Dressler was traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway in California when she came up with the idea for her new novel, “The Last To See Me,” which was released Tuesday, Sept. 5. That same day, she thought of two other elements of the story:...

The haunting of Dana Auditorium

Reese Setzer, Staff Writer

October 31, 2014

As October rolls around and the leaves begin to change colors, excitement runs through the brisk air, encouraging people to gather and tell ghost stories. After experiencing a personal encounter with a ghost lurking through the dark halls of Dana Auditorium, I am here to provide my own. Odds are a...

Top 10 LGBTQA-representative shows

Olivia Neal, Staff Writer

December 6, 2013

1. Teen Wolf This show not only has a significant number of queer characters, but it also has quality representation. The characters are not treated as different or outsiders, the issue of their sexuality is neither exploited nor exclaimed and the queer characters have just as meaningful relationships...