The soldier, the poet, or the king. Which one will you be?


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A crown is a burden only a few can carry. Are you one of them?

Look out, Myers-Briggs! There is a new soul-reading personality test in town. “Soldier, Poet, King,” a song by The Oh Hellos, has taken social media by storm; the TikTok audio is everywhere on my “For You” page.

The song itself is a gorgeously sung folk-esque tune with a modernized rock feel, but the true genius behind this piece is the story that it’s telling. While the story has religious ties, since the band has a Christian background, it is clear that there is a deeper connection people are making with this piece.

At first, I heard the audio used to describe trios from various fandoms. From “Harry Potter,” “My Hero Academia” and Disney to “The Hunger Games”, this audio was everywhere. To be honest, that’s all it really was to me. At the time, it was just fun to hear the audio in cool edits of my favorite shows and movies, and to see it used to create different interpretations of characters.

That was up until about a week ago, when a lot of the artists I follow started to use the audio to reveal if they were a Soldier, a Poet or a King. Before I knew it, my “For You” page was full of this audio once again. Everyone was using it to talk about the results they received from a quiz.

I didn’t put a lot of thought into this at first. I mostly scroll through TikTok when I need to waste some time between classes or when I’m bored at home, so I figured that this was just a fun BuzzFeed-esque thing that was just blowing up. However, I was incredibly bored, so I decided, “Ah, why not?”

The quiz isn’t exactly what I was expecting. It was 20 questions long, which is a bit longer than most online quizzes, and the questions were a lot deeper than I thought they’d be. With its discussion of the duty, of one’s deepest fears, guilt, and death, it was clear this quiz wasn’t afraid to be dark.

However, what made me want to write about this wasn’t the rising use of audio or fun edits I had seen. It’s my result from this quiz that I’m still wrestling with. Here are the three possible results.

The Soldier: “Righteousness. Strength. Violence. You see a door and break through it. You wonder, sometimes, if anger is the only thing you can feel. Remember: love is a passion too. You made your own rules and will follow them to death. You try and forget that there is only one rule and that it is “FIGHT.” You are tired of fighting. You try to forget that, too, and keep going. You dream of quiet. Your love is where you heal. God knows you deserve to.”

The Poet: “Loneliness. Strength. Joy. You are powerful, but struggle to believe it. You think you’re not enough. Here’s the truth: you are. You sing songs and hope they carry faith because you have run out of it, and yet you still throw your heart out to the world and hope it makes it through. You convince yourself that pain is art because at least then, you will always have something to create. You are tired of stumbling through life. You dream of a ground you can stand on. One day, you will dance. Your love is where you feel without fear.”

Finally, we come to The King, which was my result: “Duty. Strength. Resignation. You were told to do things and you did them. The world is something that was put into your hands and that you must deal with – so you will. You have a rigid back and steady hands, either metaphorically or physically. Is it nature or nurture? You don’t know.”

While this all hit home to an extent, there was one phrase specifically that resonated with me more than any other: “You are tired of being steady. You dream of feeling alive. Not that you aren’t, but, sometimes, it’s hard to remember that there is a heart between your ribs. Your love is where you breathe.”

As a creative writing major, I expected to be named a Poet, and I was surprised when I received my result. I remember reading the result and my heart sank. It felt real for a single moment as I reflected on all of the videos I’d seen, and at that moment I could see why the quiz resonated with so many people.

Soldiers go into the quiz knowing exactly what result they are going to get because it’s the role they’ve chosen, yet they long for a day when they’ll be able to lay down their weapons and rest.

Poets throw themselves into their art in order to escape the reality that they have to face. They have the freedom to escape their responsibilities. However, without those responsibilities, they feel as if they are not valued compared to the kings and soldiers, who stand beside them.

Kings are poets turned into soldiers. The world has been placed in our hands, and we carry it with uncertainty. We take our responsibilities very seriously, even if we didn’t ask for them, and rarely even think of letting go, solely out of fear that if we did, we wouldn’t live up to what is expected of us.

So now the question is: Which one are you?