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Trans lives threatened

Jake Ramsaur, Staff Writer November 2, 2018

The Obama Administration helped the transgender community make strides in the way of civil rights, but a leaked memo shows that the Trump administration may be reversing some of the progress that was made. On...

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Guilford College News in Brief

October 6, 2017

NFL Controversy Campus Discussion On Thursday, Sept. 28, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Brothers Doing Positive hosted a campus dialogue centered around the recent NFL controversy....

Staff Editorial: News literacy is indispensable

Staff Editorial: News literacy is indispensable

September 15, 2017

As a campus focused on social justice, we want to work to change the world. We want to make a world that is more accepting, more free, more just. We cannot, however, simply make a difference without information....

Journalist Scott Anderson, right, listens as Justin Catanoso asks him a question after Anderson presented work from his 18-month project, Fractured Lands, about the Middle East in the aftermath of the Arab spring, which ran in the New York Times magazine.

Moving past news headlines to provide a human face

Abigail Bekele and Jacqueline Carr October 26, 2016

Guilfordian Staff writers Jacqueline Carr and Evan Gorgen contributed to this story. New York Times journalist Scott Anderson shared his work and experiences from his most recent project,“Fractured...

Bryan Series starts off with professor Michael Pollan

Bryan Series starts off with professor Michael Pollan

Andrew Walker, Staff Writer September 22, 2016

The 2016-17 Guilford College Bryan Series kicks off on Sept. 30 with Michael Pollan: professor of journalism, author and speaker on the culture, science and the history of food. His influence on the...

Declining enrollment puts the college in dire straits

Vanessa Madonna, Staff Writer March 27, 2015

When enrollment numbers are dropping fast, what is a school to do? A decline in enrollment rates is something Guilford College has been struggling with for a couple of years now. As of spring 2015,...

Is marriage privatization for you?

Elias Blondeau, Staff Writer November 16, 2012

Imagine a world where marriage has been completely privatized, where the government will no longer recognize people as being legally married. I know — pretty hard to picture something so bleak. But you...

Taliban leader allegedly killed in U.S. drone attack

Aaron Hall, Staff Writer January 27, 2012

Pakistani officials state that intercepted Taliban communications indicate that their leader may have been killed in a U.S. drone strike, on Jan. 12. Taliban officials have denied the claim. According...

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