Staff Editorial: “Unprecedented times”

These two words have probably been in Guilford students’ inboxes dozens of times since March and for good reason. 2020 has had no shortage of ups and downs, and even with the conclusion of the election cycle, the year seems to only be getting longer. 

However, regardless of the presidential election results, there are things to look forward to as this year comes to a close. In North Carolina, voter turnout was up to a surprising 74.6%an increase from the 2016 general election, which garnered 69% involvement and across the nation, we have seen massive spikes in younger people showing up to vote, which is encouraging no matter who was elected. 

From a local perspective, we have also seen encouraging results in regards to Governor Roy Cooper’s reelection, and the passage of the $300 million referendum that would allow Guilford County to borrow money for school renovation and construction.

On Saturday, Nov. 7, Joe Biden was announced as president-elect. Despite this, tensions are rising as President Trump makes it more and more clear that he is unwilling to accept a peaceful transfer of power. There is no knowing what 2021 will bring, and as the pandemic rages, we can only hope that assertive and competent leadership comes sooner rather than later.

 Sanvi Korsapathy, an Early College senior, reflected on the current state of our nation in response to the presidential election.

“My main concern is the response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Korsopathy said. “The numbers keep rising, and we’re in the six figures now. My future, and (the futures of) many others, especially students and low-income families, depend on a smooth recovery, and I’m not sure if we’ll see that anytime soon.”

Unfortunately, North Carolina has been hitting consistent records for new COVID-19 cases, and all eyes are on the election to decide the next steps in terms of a national response to this ongoing crisis. All in all, it is good to see that Guilford College’s handling of the pandemic has been more controlled than our state at large, and we can only be patient and diligent in trying to get past the worst of this year. These are, in fact, unprecedented times, but this too shall pass.