Staff Editorial: Time change prompts a need for health focus

Staff Editorial: Time change prompts a need for health focus

With the conclusion of the Daylight Saving Time period on Nov. 4, our bodies have to adjust to a new schedule. While just an hour does not seem like a drastic change, researchers have shown the switch can impend on the daily operations of our life.

Fred Turek, the director of the Center for Sleep & Circadian Biology at Northwestern University explains that the “internal clock” in the mind needs the time to adjust as daylight is an indicator for the body to reset its “clock” each day.

While the effects of the time change may not always be apparent at first, it is important for people, especially college students, to stay conscious of their mental and physical health and wellness during this transitional period. The Guilfordian asks that students be aware of the various amenities Guilford College has to offer, such as counseling through Student Health Services. This office allows students to stop in at any time to bring up any concerns or address any basic medical questions.

The College also has the Counseling Center, which provides confidential services at no cost to students, including psychological consultations, short-term counseling and crisis intervention.

Also, there are several steps that you can take to help ensure your health as you adjust to the time change. The Guilfordian encourages readers to go to bed an hour or more earlier than normal to maximize exposure to daylight throughout the day.

The Guilfordian also encourages students to become more involved on campus by joining clubs or group activities and events as a time of isolation approaches. Wintertime equates to darker days, thus people tend to stay to themselves, which can cause them to incur a seasonal depression. If you are already involved on campus, reach out to others on campus.

As the semester comes to a close, remember to stay wary of your health and wellness during this season. Keeping a conscious of one’s health correlates to maximizing success as a student. But even beyond classes, health consciousness is vital in seeing success throughout life.

Also, do not be afraid to reach out to cohorts concerning their mental and physical health and wellness. One of Guilford’s core values is community, and coming together to support the success of one another during a high stress time of the semester would epitomize this.

The Guilfordian wishes the best of luck to students as the year concludes. Continue to thrive in the classroom and thrive as a part of the campus’ community.


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