Fresh. Local. Good.


It was a sunny afternoon when I passed a sign that read: Fresh. Local. Good.

I was meeting my best friend from high school for lunch at Iron Hen Cafe, located right across from Latham Park in Greensboro. I was welcomed by a warm smile from our server, which never faded during the remainder of my time in the restaurant. The friendliness and attentiveness of the staff is something I recognized immediately and one of the many reasons I will come back to Iron Hen.

 Another factor I recognized immediately was the relaxed vibe. The restaurant is decorated very simply and is fairly intimate due to its small size. I felt comfortable and laid-back, almost as if I was in my own home, while enjoying a meal and conversation with my friend.

The menu offers a variety of choices and is one of the few places in Greensboro that offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. I ordered the whole grain hash. It was a delightful mix of quinoa, black-eyed peas and braised greens paired with roasted sweet potato.

 The dish comes with your choice of chicken or tofu and is finished off with a house-made sesame lime vinaigrette. The portions were generous but not excessive and I could taste how fresh the food was from the first bite. The combination of quality carbs, proteins and fibers, plus the flavors from the freshly made vinaigrette, made this meal both satisfying and delicious.

This is precisely what Iron Hen strives to do: provide great quality food that is both nutrient-dense and full of flavor. They source all of their food from local farms while also buying and cooking in season.

 This means that as a guest you are supporting your local community and being given the freshest, highest quality food for it. You cannot enjoy this experience at many restaurants. Even more of a reason to head on over to this local gem.

 Possibly the only downfall to Iron Hen is the size. Because it is so small, it fills up quickly and during peak time, you will have to wait a good amount of time before you are seated. Another negative to the size is that the tables are close together and if the restaurant is full, you basically have to scream in order to be heard. The best time to go would be for a late lunch when the crowds start to wind down, or for dinner. They also have outside seating for when the weather is nice, but I wouldn’t expect to get seated outside when it is busy.

 Overall, I was pleased with my experience at Iron Hen Cafe. I would not suggest it for a quick meal, but as a casual place to dine when you have a bit more time on your hands. Iron Hen’s diverse menu makes it a great choice. For a reasonable price, you will get great service and tasty, high-grade food. Iron Hen truly lives up to its claim of being fresh, local and good.