Student resources aid in virtual learning

Students from around the globe often look for resources to make their hectic lives easier. They may search for programs or websites to optimize their grades, or try to find some entertainment.

On several apps and websites, students enjoy extended free trials and discounts to make learning easier.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, many students have felt the burden of online classes. To ease this burden, many students use, which provides 1-on-1 tutoring and assists students in solving problems. The quality of tutoring makes this website especially popular.

“Chegg has helped me break down complex topics in Chemistry and Physics, and has helped my understanding during virtual learning,” said Guilford sophomore Arul Sharma.

Along with tutoring resources, Chegg has a large collection of cheap textbooks, which allows students to save money on textbooks and supplemental materials needed for classes.

Other resources such as and are popular among students due to their student tutoring services. Currently, there are not many discounts on these services, but they are still affordable.

Along with tutoring services, a wide range of professional tools and services are available to students free of charge. Some of these services and tools include Github Student and Codecademy.

Github Student has a collection of over 200+ resources which include Canva, Datacamp, free domains and a whole library of programming tools. These services allow students to engage creatively and educationally outside of the classroom.

Tools such as Datacamp can help students learn about data science and programming in popular languages such as Python. Canva allows students to create professional flyers, logos and promotional materials for free.

Guilford sophomore Sarvesh Somasundaram uses these tools on a daily basis.

“Github Student has allowed me to go outside the classroom when it comes to learning about programming and design,” Somasundaram said.

Companies such as Codecademy have also reached out to students due to the pandemic, offering a 15% discount which will allow them to save on resources needed to learn programming or computer science independently.

Relaxation and entertainment resources are available to students as well. One notable service is a 6-month free trial for Amazon Prime. Through the trial, students have access to a library of movies as well as Amazon’s two-day shipping.

Spotify offers a free trial for students for one month and costs only $5/month after the trial. Spotify also provides Hulu and Showtime for free when subscribed.

Junior Darren White especially enjoys these student deals on entertainment.

“It has been really easy to find services for entertainment such as Hulu and Showtime since they come bundled with Spotify Student,” White said.

Whether students are looking for academic assistance, creative platforms or sources of entertainment, the resources available to students are endless.