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The student news site of Guilford College

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The student news site of Guilford College

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Let’s take a look at online learning

Nikki Tuttle October 14, 2022

It seems that online learning is taken for granted. Most people just plug in and start typing, not even considering the advanced wonders of technology, but it turns out that this revolutionary tool has...

Goodbye Zoom, and hello, classroom!

Meghan Curley, Staff Writer February 5, 2022

As of last week, Guilford College has officially switched from online classes to in-person instruction, allowing students and teachers to return to the classroom. With the shift to in-person classes, students...

Online learning falls short, encourages disconnection

Rafael Alfaro, Staff Writer October 8, 2021

Online schooling has potential—or does it? During the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools opted to convert to a completely virtual setting. This included utilizing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom...

Entering the world of creating digital art

Jude Juarez-Perez, Staff Writer March 25, 2021

Between the stress of politics, a nation currently undergoing a great influx of change and the monotony of quarantine, it can be hard to balance both productivity and mental health. We need outlets in...

Student resources aid in virtual learning

Abdullah Shahid, Staff Writer October 15, 2020

Students from around the globe often look for resources to make their hectic lives easier. They may search for programs or websites to optimize their grades, or try to find some entertainment. On several...

Hybrid classroom brings online learning to Bauman

Lek Siu, Staff Writer September 13, 2013

Over the summer, Guilford College transformed Bauman Hall room 104 into a new high-tech hybrid classroom, allowing faculty members to easily record and transmit their class content online. “It’s...

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