Campus makes its early assessment of new academic year

With the fall semester in full swing, students, faculty and staff have been busy adjusting to the new year. Starting a new year can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. For many students, making sure everything is in order is key. Adjusting can be especially overwhelming for those who are new to Guilford.

“Everything is new. However, my experience has been very smooth,” said Ellen Carter, a part time lecturer for the Business Department. “I started preparing in early August by coming to campus once a week and meeting with the dean, who has done a great job of onboarding me.

“I felt like this timing allowed me to be ahead of the curve. Working with IT, Canvas, and human resources before everyone else. Not waiting and starting the process early helped me have a smooth experience.”

Many returning students, faculty and staff were also eager to start new year.

“I feel like I am adjusting very happily,” said Karen Spira, assistant professor of foreign languages. “I always like the beginning of the school year because it’s a fresh start to do things the way you dream of doing them. I love getting to know my new students.”

As the first few weeks have come and gone, members of the Guilford community are working to balance their schoolwork with other activities, both inside and outside of college life. For many professors, that means having to balance work and family.

“I have small children and it’s impossible for me to work when my 3-year-old is awake,” Spira said. “I know the time that I am here in my office or later in the evenings I have the time to focus on work. But there are other times I have to focus on my family life.”

As for students, there are many other activities and responsibilities to keep track of. Student athletes attend games and practices, some students have off-campus jobs and others are involved in activities for various clubs.

“I know this might seem crazy, but my grades always tend to be better while I am in volleyball season versus when I am not,” said junior Meredith Humphreys. “I know that I have a specific amount of time for an assignment, and when I have games and practices. So I always get my work done faster because I don’t have a lot of free time.”

Many other students also say that they do not have much free time this semester. Sophomore Delaney Martin is working to balance her academic work with an off-campus job.

“My workload is a little heavier this year and I have an off campus job, so it’s been tricky to get everything done on time,” Martin said. “But because I’m so busy, it deters me from procrastinating too badly, which is probably for the best.”

Sophomore Trey Kawugule is the sports information video production manager and creates Guilford’s athletics highlight videos while working to stay ahead of his classwork and lacrosse schedule.

“It’s a struggle to balance it all, but through making lots of to do lists and sticking to my Google Calendar, I’m making it work,” Kawugule said.

Despite juggling busy schedules, there is a buzz of excitement surrounding this new year.

“Oh my gosh, it’s lovely,” said Carter. “Everything from the physical location to people I’ve met from other faculty members and students. I felt a very warm welcome.”