CNC exhibition team stomps the yard


Abigail Bekele

Guilford College brings the first ever step team to campus. Members are working hard to learn the steps and perfect the art. //Photo by Abigail Bekele/The Guilfordian

For the first time in Guilford College’s history, a step team has been created as a student club. On Tuesday, Jan. 23, Guilford held its first auditions for the team.

The step team became possible after receiving support from Tim Johnson, director of student leadership and engagement.

In college, Johnson stepped as part of the Kappa Alpha Psi brotherhood, a fraternity known for its award-winning step shows.

Johnson is making history by coaching Guilford’s step team. He believes step can teach valuable lessons through the rhythm and emotion it entails.

“The step team is here to bring diversity to another light, and it’s something that will bring various backgrounds of students together,” said Johnson. “It is a part of my job to (show) initiative, and I’m jumping out there trying to (show) initiative. For me, I want to make sure Guilford students are represented.

“Everybody deserves something that looks and feels like them.”

The step team’s auditions are open for all students.

“I also think that this is an avenue where anybody can be involved,” said Johnson. “We made it very clear in our advertising, in just what we’ve been doing, so my hope is that is what happens.”

Johnson’s goal for the team is to enter step competitions in the fall and perform well in them, while simultaneously building a brand for the College and increasing student interest and participation in the step team.

“It’s not something we just did one time for a performance, it’s not a one and done thing for me,” said Johnson.

In the future, Johnson hopes the step team will be a sustainable club that makes valuable contributions to the Guilford community.

Many students, such as sophomore Malik Britton, auditioned for the step team hoping to contribute to the Guilford community in a meaningful, culturally significant way.

“I want to be able to express myself with my brothers by my side in a positive manner and use it as platform to become a role model,” said Britton. “Step can show people there are multiple ways to give back to the community, and step is just one of those ways for me.”

This semester, the step team’s biggest performance will be at Serendipity.

Junior Dwayne Duncan had the idea of the step team performing at Serendipity. Duncan, who has been stepping for years, believes this performance will allow Guilford’s student body to see the value of having a step team on campus. Step brings forth a display of unity and can give individuals a unique avenue for self-expression.

“We have people who come from all over, and it is important that we give them the opportunity to experience it,” said Duncan.

Prior to Serendipity, the step team will also perform as the opening act of the For the Culture Step Competition.

In preparation for these performances, step team practices will usually be held Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

“When Serendipity comes, we are going to bring it,” said Duncan.