Students’ views on net neutrality

“I would be for net neutrality. I’m so used to just going on the internet and getting whatever I want. I would feel pretty upset if I the websites I view everyday would load slower. I would be frustrated if the website was loading at a slow pace, or even if I can’t access it at all.” Shauna Brown, Junior

In 2003, Columbia University Professor of Law Tim Wu coined the term “Net Neutrality,” known as the First Amendment of the Internet. It is the principle that internet service providers cannot discriminate against specific websites. Basically, telecom companies cannot make certain websites load faster or slower. The policy also seeks to protect users, platforms, and applications.

Ajit Pai, President Donald Trump’s FCC (Federal Communications Comission) Chairman aims to tear down the Net Neutrality rules. Pai claims that net neutrality rules slow innovation and are burdensome. While free internet is popularly desired, many big broadband companies like Verizon and Comcast support Pai’s views.

We’ve asked Guilford students about their views on net neutrality, and whether regulations should be tightened or relaxed.