News In Brief


An earthquake in western Nepal shook the country on April 26, killing over five thousand people, injuring at least ten thousand and destroying historic landmarks in the capital, Kathmandu.  The earthquake set off an avalanche on Mount Everest, killing 17 hikers and 34 people in northern India. People in Tibet and Bangladesh were also killed.  In Kathmandu, medical supplies are running low and more victims of the earthquake are expected to make their way to hospitals before the end of the week.


On April 13, former Czech citizen Vit Jedlicko founded Liberland, a micronation between  Croatia and Serbia. Over 200,000 people have applied for citizenship, according to the Guardian. Jedlicka, formerly a member of the Czech Party of Free Citizens, came up with the idea for Liberland as a political stunt according to, though he quickly gained support and decided to forma a nation. It is already fighting with Paraduin, a nation that supposedly claimed the land and is removing Liberland flags from the area.


A week after 25-year-old African-American Freddie Gray was arrested by police, he died on April 19 of a spinal injury he is said to have sustained in police custody. According to The Village Voice, Gray was arrested for being in possession of a concealed weapon, a pocket knife considered legal in Maryland. Since Gray’s death, riots have been raging. According to CNN, looting and violence have occurred, six police officers suffered minor injuries and 35 people were arrested. In addition to the riots, thousands have participated in peaceful protest.


According to the BBC, eight prisoners convicted of drug smuggling were executed in Indonesia, a country famous for their strict drug laws. The prisoners included people from Australia, Nigeria, Brazil and Indonesia.  One woman from the Philippines who was supposed to be executed will have a trial in the Philippines and a man from France is appealing the sentence. Amnesty International has responded to the incident, calling the execution a disregard for human rights. Indonesia ended its four-year ban on executions in 2013.