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Nicole Zelniker, World & Nation Editor May 1, 2015

Napel: An earthquake in western Nepal shook the country on April 26, killing over five thousand people, injuring at least ten thousand and destroying historic landmarks in the capital, Kathmandu. ...

War on drugs: what has it accomplished?

Jake Delahanty, Staff Writer April 25, 2014

Last Sunday was April 20, and I’m sure many Guilford students were ‘celeblazing’ the day. So, let’s talk about drugs. The war on drugs has been a massive failure. I know it, you know it. Its...

New judicial ‘points’ system introduced to students

Ty Gooch, Staff Writer September 6, 2013

Guilford is making a point with its new judicial system. A point-based system is now in effect, with the hopes that these judicial guidelines will clarify the sanctioning process and crack down on substance...

Sobriety on campus: you are not the only one

CJ Green, Staff Writer February 10, 2012

To protect anonymity, some students quoted in this article are referred to by initials only. “College is a time for you to have fun and express yourself,” said junior K.E. “So trying some ‘things’...

New law broadens definition of rape

New law broadens definition of rape

Colleen Gonzalez, Staff Writer January 27, 2012

Since 1927, national law has recognized women as the primary targets for sexual assault. Although it is true that males have the necessary anatomy to commit such a crime, we underestimate just who can...

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