News in Brief

Northeast region, United States

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast with a vengeance and caused destruction that will leave cities and families in debt and inconvenience. To name a few: New Jersey shorelines have been devastated and thousands have been made homeless. New York subways are shut down indefinitely as the city addresses corrosion caused by salt water damage. Residents of many Pennsylvania counties were warned of fines should they leave their homes during the storm.

Hawaii, United States
A recent NASA discovery reveals that various minerals and crystals in Hawaiian soil are similar to what has been inventoried on the planet Mars. The soil samples, retrieved by a NASA rover, reveal further possibilities of life on Mars.

Colon, Panama
The city has descended into chaos as citizens protest a law allowing the government to sell state-owned land without the consent of residents. The riots have resulted in more than 200 arrests and reports of brutality from police fully armed with military-grade weapons.


Nearly 100 civilians and former rebels stormed the General National Congress meeting hall to protest Prime Minister Ali Zeidan’s proposed cabinet members.  As a result of the unrest, the vote to approve or block the lineup was postponed by Libya’s Congress until Oct. 31, when it was finally approved.