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Experiences abroad

Experiences abroad

Lana Heltzel, Senior Writer

April 20, 2018

People love to poke fun of me when I say I studied abroad in Munich. “Ah, Europe,” they say, in faux-posh accents. “How ever so worldly you are now, far more enlightened than us American philistines.” And as much as I would love to maintain the image that I spent my study abroad discussing...

Other movies can take a back seat to this ‘Lady’

Patrick Cassidy, Staff Writer

March 25, 2016

If I were presenting the Oscar for Best Actress, it would go to Maggie Smith for her role in “The Lady in the Van.” “Smith rescues Nicholas Hytner’s film, “The Lady in the Van” from confectionery uplift that otherwise might have swallowed it,” said Christopher Orr of The Atlantic. One...

Deadpool entertains with action, humor

Aubrey King, Features Editor

February 19, 2016

Over the past ten years, superhero movies have become less innovative and more commonplace. Now the once new and exciting genre seems almost derivative. Marvel’s “Deadpool” takes this notion and hits it over the head with a sledgehammer. “Deadpool” follows Wade Wilson, an ex-special force...

Abrams fails to awaken the Force, viewers

Patrick Cassidy, Staff Writer

February 12, 2016

Starships, droids, Jedi and epic battles in space. All these things and more make up one of last year’s most anticipated movies. “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” is the seventh installment in the Star Wars saga originally started by George Lucas in 1977. The new addition, set 30 years...

‘Compton’: a moving hit despite faults

Annie Fullwood, Staff Writer

October 2, 2015

A group of men, decked out in their snapbacks and Los Angeles Raiders gear, stood on top of the world for a just a brief moment in history. At least, that’s how you will feel after seeing “Straight Outta Compton.” The movie, which premiered Aug. 14, has already become both a critical and...

Review of Goon by Tobias Jesso, Jr.

Dylan O'Connor, Guest Writer

April 7, 2015

There is something surreal and haunting about the photograph on the cover of Canadian singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso, Jr.'s debut album Goon. In it, Jesso's face is partly obscured by darkness. The background looks like an out-of-focus rocky landscape hue-shifted into a bluish-green color. Tobias himsel...

New Pokémon games nostalgic and fun

Emma Rumpl, Staff Writer

December 5, 2014

On Nov. 21, I took a seat at a table in a Caribou Coffee and started a new file in Pokémon Omega Ruby, prepared for a new, yet familiar adventure in 3D. Instead, I was overcome with the memory my nine-year-old self sitting down at my parents’ dining room table, eager to play Pokémon Ruby. In both...