Q&A with freshman quarterback Thaddeus Reid

On Oct. 8, The Guilfordian took the opportunity to interview Thaddeus Reid, a first-year student and quarterback on Guilford’s football team. Reid, who is majoring in pre-med/health science, enjoys spending time with friends and enjoys playing golf in his alone time.

Thaddeus Reid standing on the Appenzeller Field wearing his football jersey.

Q: What influenced you to come play football here at Guilford?

A: Being able to continue my athletic and academic career. I wanted to be able to play football and go somewhere where the class sizes are small and I would be able to make good grades and focus on football. 


Q: How has being a quarterback shaped you into the person you are today? 

A: As a quarterback, I am looked at as a leader for the team, which also makes me well-known in the community. In this role, I am required to be a good person and set a good example for others. 


Q: What keeps you motivated to stay strong this athletic and academic year? 

A: My future plans are to become an orthopedic surgeon, which requires me to make outstanding grades and do well. Football helps me manage my time and keeps me in line with all that I need to do. 


Q: What skills have you developed from playing football? 

A: Leadership, and especially time management, because, being on my own, I am required to keep up with my own schedule and be at places on time, which all helps me keep up with my academic and athletic duties. 


Q: How is life at Guilford different from your life back at home? 

A: In Granite Falls, I live in a much more rural area. In my small town, everyone knows each other, and we’re all friends. At Guilford, there are a lot more people…(and) a lot more traffic, and there’s always a lot more going on around me. I do miss the quiet part of being back at home. 


Q: What do you like to do on your off days from football? 

A: On my off days I enjoy hanging out with my friends and having some alone time to rest. I also like to use this time to get things done such as laundry. I also like to go out and play golf with friends, even though I prefer to go by myself. 


Q: Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and how many? 

A: I have four dogs, an English Setter (Belle), a Plott Hound (Murphey), a Cavachon (GiGi) and a teacup Yorkie (Winston).


Q: Who is your favorite artist to listen to?

A: Right now, Riley Green. He is a country music singer who I like to listen to because he doesn’t create a fake image of himself and I just enjoy his music. 


Q: Do you believe in paranormal activities?

A: I know people that have had experiences with paranormal activity. My personal belief is from a religious background. I am a Christian, and I don’t believe that spirits are here to hurt anybody, but I do believe that they are there. 


Q: How do you keep your hair so curly?

A: I don’t do anything to it, except take a shower, with shampoo and conditioner. When I get out, I don’t brush it or dry it, because when I do it gets very frizzy.