The Guilfordian’s multimedia debut

The Guilfordian will debut the future of the publications multimedia direction on WQFS.

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The Guilfordian will debut the future of the publication’s multimedia direction on WQFS.

This just in … The Guilfordian is breaking into a new form of news with two new audio shows on the Guilford radio station, WQFS! One is going to be hosted by our managing editor, the enthusiastic, bright, and cheerful Maria Jose Guerrero Hernandez. For her show, she’ll take recommendations from fellow staff and writers for playlists and podcasts, and discuss stories scheduled for publication on The Guilfordian website.

Speaking of podcasts, the second show with a Guilfordian focus on WQFS is a Guilfordian podcast hosted by our hilarious sports editor Jake Davis and our witty features editor, Bree Lavine. This duo will lead “The Gulifordian Hour,” where we’ll recap the previous week’s issue of The Guilfordian, talk some about recent and upcoming articles, and tell stories about what it’s like to work with the paper as well as bring in some other Guilfordian staff for interviews. Our hope with these shows is to bring the Guilford community together by sharing information and fun stories!The Guilfordian wants to add more members to our family, so if you like what you hear in the weeks ahead, contact Calley Hull, our editor-in-chief, at [email protected]. Plans call for “The Guilfordian Hour” to stream weekly on Mondays. Specific details are in the works — stay tuned!