The Final Season of “On My Block”

The long-awaited final season of “On My Block” finally aired on Oct. 4 on the streaming service Netflix. By this point, most people have seen the show’s final episodes and there have been mixed opinions and questions about the show’s final season. Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t seen the show.

For starters, the season seemed a little rushed. Each episode seemed to move on to each scene at a quick pace without offering any explanation about what happened. The quick pace of the show left many unanswered questions. For example, who is Vero? How did she and Caesar meet and end up together? What happened with the roller world money? What happened with Cuchillo’s body investigation? Why make Kendra show up in the last episode? Who in the world killed Oscar? Why couldn’t Monse’s dad afford her schooling anymore?

Netflix seems to have a trend of rushing the final seasons of their original series, ending them with unanswered questions and cliffhangers that leave their fans upset and confused. Shows like “On My Block” do so well on their streaming service—why ruin it and end these shows so early and then leave us hanging at the end? 

There also seemed to be some lack of character growth at the end as well. I was hoping to see Monse be more responsible with her actions and not always make herself look like the victim. We just got the same old Monse waltzing back into Freeridge like she didn’t just abandon the friend group and cut contact with them. She just came back thinking everything was going to be fine and the same, but that wasn’t the case. 

Also, the show made some things very predictable, like Abuelita being sick. You can guess from the moment she started acting weird and not partying with Jamal that something was obviously wrong. Then the show went with the same old cancer card that almost every show uses when a character becomes sick and when they want to kill them off, but need them for a few more scenes. Also, Oscar’s death was very predictable. He went out in the open on the phone, and was vulnerable to being shot by anyone, and the men he helped put in jail had gotten out. I knew his making up with Caesar wasn’t going to be that simple. The Prophets gang most likely shot Oscar. They probably knew that Ceasar was going to Oscar’s house at some point and tailed him. For whatever reason, the show never showed who killed Oscar, and that made a lot of people frustrated. 

Not everything about the last season of “On My Block” was so bad. It had its good moments. The fate of the iconic friend group after the Season 3 ending worried many fans after it seemed that group had a falling out at some point and went their separate ways. However, as always, the group was dragged into shenanigans that brought them back together. We got cute moments with Caesar and his brother Oscar, some hilariously funny moments with Ruby and Jazmine, and some tear-jerking, special moments between Jamal and Abuelita. 

Maybe more of the unanswered questions of the series will be answered with the new spin-off series “Freeridge.” Maybe they were left unanswered to give this new show some content to work with. Spin-off series tend to be hit-or-miss, and I personally think that this one will be a miss. I don’t think anything can live up to the amazing show that was On My Block.