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The student news site of Guilford College

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The student news site of Guilford College

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No Mask, No Problem.

Logan King, Staff Writer March 5, 2022

Are we there yet? As COVID-19 cases decrease, we are finally starting to see some normalcy back in our society. It is very nice to see people's smiles and read facial expressions again. I like that the...

It’s ring season: Super Bowl edition

Logan King, Staff Writer February 13, 2022

Super Bowl season is upon us yet again! Through all of the ups and downs that happen in a year, we have finally made it.  I am a huge fan of baseball at all levels but there is something different...

Goodbye Zoom, and hello, classroom!

Meghan Curley, Staff Writer February 5, 2022

As of last week, Guilford College has officially switched from online classes to in-person instruction, allowing students and teachers to return to the classroom. With the shift to in-person classes, students...

Boycotting Beijing: How should we respond to China hosting the Olympics?

Miles Kirkpatrick, Staff Writer February 5, 2022

No international event is immune to controversy, and the Olympics are certainly no exception. The games have always had a reputation for high-profile hosting scandals, from the Russian anti-LGBT laws signed...

Will we heal with the Build Back Better Act?

Miles Kirkpatrick, Staff Writer November 12, 2021

There are approximately 10 million unfilled jobs right now in the United States, which is indicative of the labor shortage wreaking havoc on the economy. The causes for this labor shortage are numerous...

Staff Editorial: Guilford’s past leadership and the road ahead

November 5, 2021

October ushered in another change in Guilford College’s leadership. On Oct. 6, an email from Board of Trustees Chair Ed Winslow announced the appointment of Kyle Farmbry as the College’s new president....

Remakes, sequels and the curse of franchise media

Jonathan Campbell, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

In the past decade, the idea of the remake has both blossomed and wilted, coupled with a secondary drive for creating sequels to properties both ancient and new. Remakes themselves aren’t a new concept,...

The Final Season of “On My Block”

Maria-jose Guerrero Hernandez, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

The long-awaited final season of “On My Block” finally aired on Oct. 4 on the streaming service Netflix. By this point, most people have seen the show's final episodes and there have been mixed opinions...

Exploring the need for mental health days

Miles Kirkpatrick, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

Pressure—it’s the one commonality among almost every top school at every level above elementary in the United States. The quality of your education and how well you do in school play a large role in...

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