Staff Editorial: Guilfordian 2020 reflection: Keep marching forward

Spring 2021 has been another semester that has brought forth a myriad of firsts in the College’s history. Although this was not the first semester that has been conducted mostly online it does mark a year since the school first closed for the pandemic.

That being said, this issue of the Guilfordian marks the end of a year of producing the paper, for the first time, completely online. While this presented many challenges, it also showed the resilience of the people on this campus devoted to keeping the campus informed. 

Through COVID-19 updates, campus life events and so much more, the writers on the Guilfordian staff have shown the importance of being devoted to journalism during this odd year. Guilford has gone through the departure of a president, followed by the arrival and departure of an interim president, all in the past 12 months. These events were all covered by this paper.

Keeping the Guilfordian up and running is a vital part of the fabric of Guilford’s student life and has shown the campus over the past year that no matter the obstacle, student life can go on. Many students, especially those who are further into their college career, have expressed feeling robbed of a part of their experience because of how different this online learning environment is. However, this year has also provided perspective as to how privileged we all are to be afforded these opportunities in the first place.

As this school year draws to a close, the school and the paper are still here standing. The classes, paper and sports may look different, but Guilford has weathered the storm and looks forward to growing stronger as we look to fall 2021.

Reflecting Guilford College’s core Quaker values, the topics and content of Staff Editorials are chosen through the consensus of all editors and one faculty adviser of The Guilfordian’s Editorial Board.