Staff Editorial: Celebrating Black History Month

A lot has changed this past year on campus. With most students adapting to either living off-campus or with limitations, Black History Month celebrations have had to adjust in the same ways. Considering the events of this past year, including a reignition of the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd, celebrating and honoring Black history is more important this month than ever. We have seen that it is impossible to truly understand American history without understanding Black history, as they have always been intertwined. 

Whether you’re on or off-campus, make sure to get involved with upcoming events such as the IEC presentation, “Living History: Interracial Student Collaborations in Guilford’s Jim Crow Years” on Feb. 17. Black history is an integral part of understanding our nation and making progress for racial equity, and it is important to draw local connections and learn about local elders’ memories and reflections of their experiences working towards equity and societal change. Guilford’s roots are filled with untold Black stories, so hearing about Black experiences on a more personal level is a great way to celebrate this unique Black History Month. 

If you feel especially confident in your knowledge of Black history and timeless music created by African-Americans, find a partner and sign up for Playlist Jeopardy, hosted by Campus Life on Feb. 23. 

As you participate in the multiple events that Guilford is hosting to celebrate Black history this month, remember the other racial groups still fighting for equity alongside Black people in America. With the recent rise in hate crimes targeted towards Asian-Americans, particularly in the Bay Area, it is important to recognize that the fight for racial equality doesn’t begin or end with a month dedicated to honoring them. This year, more than ever, knowledge is power across racial lines, and Black History Month is every month. 

For information on these events and more, contact [email protected].