Staff Editorial: Finishing the semester safely

With three weeks remaining before students go home to finish the fall 2020 semester online and settle in for the first break of the year, it’s more important than ever to stock up on essentials like masks and hand sanitizer, and some coffee too. 

As we move through the semester, Guilford has proven that we are stronger than ever, even in times of uncertainty about what will come next for our college and our nation. We continue to see students working long hours across campus, whether it be from a bed, a couch or even outside. 

Taking a hike through the woods or stopping by the lake to see the turtles is always a fun experience for students during this time of year, and has proven to be a much-needed distraction from all the projects and exams we have endured throughout the past few weeks. Although we haven’t had any breaks thus far, this longer-than-average winter break should more than make up for all the hard work we’ve been putting in this semester.

As the weather gets colder, we have to remember to pile up on blankets and not on each other. As we continue to make great efforts to fight the spread of  the pandemic, we at the Guilfordian urge students to continue to practice wearing masks and maintaining social distancing even as our time on campus begins to wrap up.

With each new round of testing, we are continuing to see low numbers of positive cases relative to other colleges in our area and around the nation, but it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together, and we should keep practicing healthy habits. The fact that we have seen low positive case numbers so far on campus means we should continue social distancing and exercising caution to ensure the health and safety of our community members. 

Guilford’s own core values, such as community and stewardship, reflect our pledge to make sure our community remains strong throughout these tough and unprecedented times. With the recent loss of Ja’lessa Morris—a Guilford community member, community director and career guide—this has become more true than ever as we stand together as one community, against the virus and against other hardships which we must endure. 

Have a great rest of the semester, Guilfordians, and remember to stay safe during this holiday season.