Staff Editorial: In response to program prioritization

COVID-19 has devastated millions of lives physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. The pandemic has caused a great deal of anxiety for many Guilfordians, but it is not the only source of stress for the Guilford community.

Guilford College has not officially announced that it is in debt or that it has failed to manage its budget, and these announcements are not necessary right now, because we as a community are well aware of the College’s financial history. With that being said, we would appreciate it if administration were more forthcoming about the College’s financial situation and declared financial exigency. 

The Guilfordian has reported facts on stories that impact our campus and community for over 106 years, and this year is no exception. We will be monitoring this particular situation closely, and we strive to be as transparent as possible to our readers.

As administration continues the program prioritization process we encourage you, our fellow students, to ask yourself these two questions. One, what made you choose Guilford? Two, what keeps you at Guilford? If one of these answers is in jeopardy of being eliminated within these next few months, vocalize it. 

While it is a major responsibility to attempt to save the programs at Guilford that you hold dear, you will not be alone. Guilfordians are waiting as their majors are placed under review, and have said goodbye to beloved faculty and staff let go by administration. We at The Guilfordian understand and empathize with your worries, frustrations and other emotions you feel at this time.  

The Guilfordian is committed to listening and amplifying your questions, thoughts, comments and concerns, especially regarding this topic. Our contact information is listed on the “About” page on our website, and there is a space below this story to leave a comment. We as a community will get through this situation together, and The Guilfordian insists on standing united.