Disney streams its way to the top

Disney Plus has been an ongoing conversation starter since the Disney empire announced its plans to create its own streaming platform in 2017.

The idea is brilliant on Disney’s end but nonetheless, it’s complete blasphemy that Disney is going through such a hassle just to make even more money than they already have. It seems like its issues with other companies resulted in this cash grab and that’s been the primary reason for this new streaming service.

I understand it’s difficult to make money while working with other companies, but in essence they’re just cutting out the middleman altogether. I would much rather watch Disney movies through Netflix or Hulu, which I can more easily access even with the small amount of money I make.

But now I have to allocate more money to Disney Plus just to keep up with these new Marvel shows and get in touch with my Disney nostalgia.

It’s ridiculous to me. But don’t get me wrong, I get it. Disney solely makes profit instead of negotiating deals with Netflix or Hulu or whoever. I just find it greedy to herd more consumers together by making your own streaming service.

It’s bad enough that Disney has been monopolizing the assets it’s accumulated, with the additions of Marvel, the “Star Wars” franchise, National Geographic, and now 21st Century Fox. Now it feels like Disney is willing to do anything to make even more money than it already has.

There’s no doubt this new streaming service will attract people to it, but it’s not necessary. Disney is simply doing this to get more money because it’s a glutton of a corporation. I’m sure there are smart people at Disney who know how to handle the comapny’s business, and this new streaming service was an astounding move, but it’s still a punch to the face to all the other competing streaming services out there.

The idea of monopolizing companies is starting to be seen in a lot these corporations with Disney being at the forefront. They’ve been able to establish themselves as a hierarchical company that’s willing to do whatever it needs to make as much money as possible. This includes making its own competitive streaming service for a profit over troubling negotiations.

Disney has placed its markets in the streaming service arena and doesn’t plan on stopping. Who knows what type of industry it’ll try to topple next.

However, I personally am interested in the Marvel shows. I probably won’t have time to watch then or enough money to actually get this app but I will find ways to get information or spoilers one way or another.

There does seem to be a lot of options and good reviews of the shows Disney started airing on this streaming service platform this week. That is one positive statement I’ll make about Disney: it’s a company that knows how to target its audience. They know what their fans want, crave, and long for. Again, don’t get me wrong. Disney is still the greedy corporate overlord that many think it is. But this conglomerate is also a smart strategist that has a plan and knows its way around marketing, industries and investments.

I won’t be getting Disney Plus, but it is important to see why this streaming service exists in the first place. If you’re getting the app, just be aware that Disney is incorporating its products into our lives more and more. Sadly, it seems there’s nothing we can do about it except watch as the big mouse steps on company after company.


Editor’s note: This story originally was published in Volume 106, Issue 6 of The Guilfordian on Nov. 15 2019.