Waterparks rock Greensboro


Tuesday, November 6th, the band Waterparks performed at Arizona Pete’s in Greensboro.The trio, that consists of singer Awsten Knight, guitarist Geoff Wigington and drummer Otto Wood. formed their band back in their hometown of Houston in 2011.

Before the headlining act, opening acts DeWayne Jackson, Nick Gray, Super Whatevr and IDKhow performed. The mixture of different genres was overwhelming and exciting, and prepped the crowd for what was in store later that night. Although Super Whatevr had to cut their set short since one of their amps failed on them, they still performed well with the songs they had.

Besides the humoristic energy purple-haired lead singer Awsten Knight brings, seeing guitarist Geoff Wigington take the stage by storm by not only staying on the right side, but also taking his energy to the left side of the stage, was both exciting and entertaining. He used the space around him and he truly shined that night. Drummer Otto Wood was one of the backbones of the show. Drummers are always doing the most work of the night, and he truly shined behind that drum kit. You can tell how much work he brings to the band just by watching him do his job behind the kit, and it’s quite a mesmerizing sight to see. Being able to not only connect with the music that night, but also with the band members themselves, made this show unforgettable.

Waterparks brought a mixture of both their debut studio album and their second studio album to the setlist that night, as well as an unreleased track titled “What We Do For Fun.” Those who enjoy their older music and those who enjoy their newer can be pleased with the set, so there was room for both types of fans.    

Some of the downfalls I have to mention was the excessive amount of smoke that they projected on stage that not only did not work well with my camera, but also made it hard to see the band members throughout the show. It was frustrating because it was a smaller venue, and the smoke had trouble leaving the stage. Other than that, Waterparks brought their familiar energy to Arizona Pete’s, including the lead singer responding to a fan throwing a wig on stage by wearing it for the rest of the song. He is the jokester of the band, and the fans appreciate that a lot. However, his lyrics highlight a vulnerable side to him, and I appreciated that during the show, he was able to let his guard down for a while to sing two acoustic songs titled “21 Questions” and “Lucky People.” All in all, I was thoroughly entertained from the moment I entered the venue to the moment I left.