Kickback and relax at Kickback Jack’s


The tangy Buffalo sauce dripped from the golden brown chicken tender patties onto the brioche bun. Upon the first bite, the crunch of the lettuce was audible. The rich and creamy ranch drizzle sat atop the juicy tomato. Are you hungry yet? The Buffalo tender sandwich can be found at Kickback Jacks’s, recently opened at the Jefferson Village Shopping Center on New Garden Road.

I discovered the restaurant one day when I went out with some friends. We noticed that the Tripps restaurant had been shut down, and transformed into a Kickback Jack’s. Upon entering, I immediately picked up the vibe which was very different from that of Tripps. The carpeting had been removed, the lighting was much brighter, two brick walls were missing, and the overall aesthetic was completely different. The building had been transformed from classy to sporty but not in the worst way. If a room filled with several giant high-definition television screens and a bar below several college team flags doesn’t scream sports bar, I don’t know what does. We asked for water and proceeded to hungrily look over the menu, which featured steaks, ribs, chicken, sandwiches, wings, pasta and pizza. The waitress immediately came over with our waters and took our orders. She was very friendly and had a bubbly personality, so I asked her what she recommended, to which she pointed out the Buffalo tender sandwich with fries.

Within a quick 10 minutes, our mozzarella stick appetizer was brought out. The thick-cut cheese sticks were battered with a subtle blend of spices and a crispy breading. While devouring the mozzarella sticks and zesty tomato sauce, we patiently awaited our entrees. Several people around the room were watching the game intently on the television, and began cheering when a play was in their favor. The welcoming, high-energy environment of the sports restaurant was quite enjoyable. and even as a non-sporty person, I felt comfrotable. I can definitely confirm that the atmosphere was still an entertaining location to go out with friends, even if you are not obsessed with football.

After almost no wait time, our food was brought out, hot and fresh. To our dismay, the waitress informed us that one of our orders was accidentally dropped on the floor of the kitchen, but they would remake it. After she gave us that last dish, we dug right in. The chicken was delicious, though the sandwich was a bit messy. With three saucy tenders inside the buns, it was very challenging to eat. However, the taste of the rich Buffalo sauce smothered with the ranch dressing was worth the difficulty. Every bite was flavorful. the sandwich was served with fries and dunking them into honey mustard in between bites of the sandwich, served as a good addition. I was very satisfied with the meal.

Best of all, almost everything on the menu was around $10.00. There were some pricier options, but for a cheap buck, one can get a filling meal and a great experience. Often resteraunts of similar style can become overly priced for the quaility, however Kickback Jack’s avoids this by maintaining both quaility and affordability.

Overall, this restaurant is a great addition to our neighborhood area, and my friends and I are sure to “kickback” and relax here again.