Quick local bites at Homeslice


It was a beautiful afternoon on the Guilford College campus. My friends and I had just finished a great game of ultimate frisbee and were looking for somewhere to eat. Someone suggested Homeslice Pizza & Subs, a local pizza joint I had heard of, but not been to before. That suggestion got a unanimous approval from the rest of my friends, a good indicator of things to come.

Located just off College Road, Homeslice is a quick and easy 10 minute walk away from campus. The first thing you notice when you enter the restaurant is the unmistakable smell of old-fashioned pizza. Combined with the cozy atmosphere and understated decor, the restaurant captures the small-town pizza joint vibe extremely well.

My friends and I decided to order mozzarella sticks and split two, 17-inch pizzas. After ordering, we took our seats at the only remaining booth. The rest were filled with other pizza lovers.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the kitchen is right next to the seating area, so as a customer, you can easily see your pizza being made. Unfortunately, this also meant that I was constantly distracted from the conversation at my table as I glanced toward the prep area hoping to see my pizza go into the oven.

Our appetizer was brought out to the table quickly. All of us were very hungry after a long day of sports, so it was devoured quickly. The mozzarella sticks and the marinara sauce were quite good, though the cheese was a bit chewy for my taste. Nonetheless, all of us were satisfied with our decision to order them and eagerly awaited the arrival of our pizzas.

The wait was a little bit longer than I would’ve liked, though this may have been a side effect of how hungry I was. At last, I saw our pizzas come out of the oven. As they were brought to our table, my mouth was watering with anticipation.

Eagerly, I cut my first slice of pizza. The cheese was the perfect level of stringy without being annoying, so I was able to quickly lift my slice off the tray. I added a few shakes of the provided oregano and parmesan before tasting my first ever slice of Homeslice pizza.

Taking my first bite was like stepping into pizza heaven. The slice was the ideal combination of greasy, cheesy and crunchy. I quickly finished it, and took another slice, and another and another. My friends were just as hungry as I, and in no time, we had finished both pizzas.

All of us were extremely satisfied with our decision to come to Homeslice Pizza & Subs. For $5 to $10 per person, the restaurant provides a great atmosphere and pizza that truly captures the essence of “tastes like grandma used to make it.” I would highly recommend this restaurant to anybody looking for a fulfilling meal within walking distance of campus. You will not be disappointed.