Staff Editorial: Safety at Serendipity starts with the students

Staff Editorial: Safety at Serendipity starts with the students

Serendipity is coming up soon, and The Guilfordian editorial board would like to encourage all students to be safe.

Our biggest suggestion is to always, always travel and stay with a trusted group.

Drinking responsibly is vital. Stay with a trustworthy group who will watch your back, and never accept drinks from strangers. Keep an eye on your cup. Stay hydrated, and don’t neglect eating. It’s important to know your limits.

As always, consent is still very important during Serendipity. Receiving a clear and enthusiastic “yes” from the person you would like to have sex with is extremely important. Also it’s important that all partners are conscious and sober before any sexual engagement. If they are intoxicated, do not make the decision for the two of you. That is sexual assault.

Enjoy the event as a break from classes and daily responsibilities, but do not forget that these commitments will still be here when we return to our regular schedule.

We would also like to issue a reminder that the amnesty policy exists. If a friend is unconscious or gets themselves hurt, you will not get in trouble if you contact 911 and Public Safety about the emergency. Keeping your friend’s health in mind is far more important than any potential consequences, and this policy further enforces this. Also remember remember to check in with yourself, your comfort and safety at all times. That is a priority.

Serendipity concerts are open to the public and expect a large turnout this year, so make sure to be careful around strangers on campus. Keep an eye out for anything that seems unusual.

Contact 911 or Public Safety immediately if something goes wrong. RAs will also be on call at all times.

And of course, have fun. This is the time to relax before finals. Enjoy it as much as you can while being responsible.