Staff Editorial: Racism, discrimination are not part of our paper’s legacy and motto

Over fall break, The Guilfordian received a letter from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The letter was directed towards the Editor-in-Chief, but its lack of specificity led us to believe that other college newspapers must have received a similar letter.

The group reprimands the general media’s accusations of the KKK being a hateful group. They state that “this couldn’t be further from the truth” because they only “follow the teachings of the Bible and only wish to keep the white race pure as God intended for His chosen people.” They also blame “loud-mouth” literature for the wrongful depiction of them and ask The Guilfordian to support their cause in sending them a list of what they consider “harmful literature.”

Our editorial board would like to make it clear that we do not support the KKK in any way. This group complains of a negative image that they have imposed upon themselves by killing, mistreating and oppressing people of color as well as immigrants. This year’s editorial board is the most diverse one we have ever had in decades, if not ever. They addressed their letter to an Editor-in-Chief who is an immigrant and whose first language is not English. And they should be aware that The Guilfordian, although not an advocacy paper, is against any type of discrimination, racism and hatred.

We would like to remind students, faculty and staff that our newspaper will always be a safe space for our community to share their thoughts and opinions as well as our stories to evoke healthy discussions around important issues in our society and to find solutions for these problems together.

After all, color is only a matter of perspective. We are all made of bones, flesh and blood underneath our skin. Therefore, we will continue to hold ourselves to our values and our goals, and we promise to do our best to defend our community and marginalized people from white supremacists who believe in something as ridiculous and disgusting as racial purity.


Reflecting Guilford College’s core Quaker values, the topics and content of Staff Editorials are chosen through consensus of all 14 editors and one faculty adviser of The Guilfordian’s Editorial Board.