Students are encouraged to take advantage of last January term

One of the most unique things about Guilford College is our winter, or January, term, but after this year, there will no longer be a January term at the College. Both budget cuts and a lack of student interest have caused the College to discontinue January term, but while the opportunity is still available, students can register for classes to fulfill Gen Ed and major or minor requirements. You can no longer register for January term 2017 classes abroad, but you can register for on campus classes until the start of the term on Jan. 5.

What made January term such an important part to many Guilford students’ experiences was the fact that it allowed them to either stay on track or even get ahead in credit hours they needed in order to graduate. Because of this, it is encouraged that any student who may find themselves needing those few extra hours to graduate look into taking a few classes this upcoming January because next year at this time that opportunity will no longer be available outside of summer classes.

There are many unique and interesting courses that are offered throughout the January term.  So it is encouraged students check out the course catalog online to find something that may interest them. Courses can range anywhere from just an elective course to even satisfying a requirement for a particular major or minor.

So, if anyone believes they may need a few extra credits this January or just notices a class in the course catalog they find interesting, please pursue those credits or the class because this will be the last opportunity to do so for the near future.