Major Mixer engages students and faculty

Students line up at the Education Studies table to learn more about what the major has to offer.

On Thursday, Oct. 10, a student major mixer was hosted in Guided Discovery on the first floor of Hege Library. Every major available at Guilford was on display for students to explore and question. First-year students scattered about asking questions, participating in games and getting free candy. However, students from all years were given the opportunity to explore other majors, decide what they wanted to study or learn more about their own field of study.

“Exploring other majors and minors really keeps your eyes open,” said first-year student Dash K. Rouse. “It makes you want to discover other opportunities.”

Candy, bingo sheets and displays were present on almost every table to encourage student interest and excitement. Professors watched as students meandered through the library and also welcomed those who approached their tables.

“A large number of students enter Guilford exploring,” said English and Creative Writing Professor Jim Hood. “It’s important for first-year students.”

This event was created to give students more options than just their preferred major or minor, and to open a door of endless opportunities for students. However, Noely Bernier thought that the timing of the event could have been improved.
“I just wish they did it before actual classes started,” said Bernier. “Just so you can know what interests you more.”

Nonetheless, students expressed enthusiasm for the mixer. Along with the discussions, there were also activities, giveaways, music and a raffle for a $75 gift card to add to the excitement.

“I learned a bit more about what my major entails and the work that goes into it,” said Kinsie Snow. “I also learned more about the minor I’m picking.”

Guilford professors are just as enthused about helping students find their pathways as students are to discover them.

While fields of study can seem infinite, professors and students believe this unique opportunity to engage with faculty and their departments really shed light on the range of available majors.

“I think it’s really good for exposure to all different types of things,” said first-year student Stevie Nofziger.

Beth Ritson, a visiting assistant professor in Theatre Studies, offered this insight on how branching out to discover other majors and minors can benefit students:

“The way the 21st century is, you never know what the next hottest thing will be.”


Editor’s note: This story originally was published in Volume 106, Issue 3 of The Guilfordian on Oct. 18, 2019.