Two arrested for drug charges on Guilford campus


Kevin Alfaro and Samuel Ciganek were arrested by the Greensboro Police Department on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017 on Elizabeth Fry Road on Guilford College Campus. The GPD’s Vice & Narcotics Commanding Officer R.B. Culler confirmed the arrests.

Two more suspects were at the scene. Their arrests are pending, according to the most recent information provided by Culler, as of Sept. 20.

“Samuel Ciganek was charged with two counts of conspiracy to traffic marijuana, more than 10 lbs., less than 50 lbs. Kevin Alfaro was charged four counts of trafficking marijuana and four counts of conspiracy to traffic marijuana, more than 10 lbs., less than 50 lbs.,” Culler said in a phone interview.

According to The North Carolina Court System records, the charges filed against the suspects are felonies.

The two arrested suspects will appear in court on Oct. 26 for the charges from Sept. 13.

Ciganek had a preliminary hearing on Thursday, Sept. 28 in Virginia Beach General District Court in Virginia Beach, Virginia for charges from Sunday, July 30, 2017. (See explanation in the side bar.)

The Vice & Narcotics Division focuses on investigation of “illegal narcotic and controlled substance sales, possession, and use, including illegal use of prescription drugs,” as cited on the City of Greensboro website.

“We do long-term investigations. Ultimately, what you’re trying to do is find where the drugs came from,” Culler said. “You’re trying to stop the drugs from coming into Greensboro, North Carolina.”

My Vice & Narcotics Division, we’re working on investigations. We typically don’t involve anybody,” Culler said.

School administration officials, including Public Safety, were unaware of the operation until it was already underway.

“As stated in the emergency alerts, the Greensboro Police Department carried out an operation on our campus, which we became aware of while it was in process,” Vice President of Marketing Roger Degerman wrote in an email midday Thursday, Sept. 14 regarding the alerts and events from the previous day.

Culler confirmed undercover cars, but declined to provide additional details on the undercover officers involved.

“As far as undercover cars, (in) my division, all we use is undercover cars. And I won’t talk about undercover operations as far as people,” Culler said.

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, GPD, including undercover officers and a K-9 unit, conducted a police operation near the North Apartments on Elizabeth Fry Road. At least seven police cars were located on the scene.

When police began the operation, suspects fled into the woods. The K-9 unit and a fire truck were brought in to help search.

Senior Elliott Jarrett witnessed the scene from the walkway between Elizabeth Fry Road and the North Apartments.

Jarrett said the police spoke over the megaphone to a person in the woods.

“The cops yelled, ‘We will find you. We’re sending a dog in,’ and they sent one dog in,” Jarrett said.

Guilford administration officials did not comment on the current enrollment status of the suspects but confirmed there was an ongoing internal review.

“My understanding is that Guilford’s internal case review process is still active,” wrote Degerman in an email Tuesday evening, Sept. 26. “Thus there is nothing further that can be shared at this time.”