How do Guilfordians feel about the winter weather?


Shugo Izumi

Melted snow across the front field of Dana Auditorium.

The winter season, the only season of the year where you can enjoy the white space, has arrived at Guilford College. There was no noticeable snowfall in December, but we saw snow in Greensboro on several days during the first two weeks of the spring semester. Greensboro is not generally a region with much snowfall, and looking at future weather forecasts, it is unlikely that we will see snow again, which is a little disappointing.  

Snow brings with it enjoyable winter activities, but it has its negative aspects as well. Of course, activities like skiing, snowboarding, making snowmen and ice skating allow us to make good memories and build good friendships with other people, but snow makes driving and walking difficult, and ice storms and weather-related accidents occur. 

Last week, I smashed my knee as a result of stepping on the melting ice. At that moment, I recognized the drawbacks of the snow and wanted to hear others’ opinions on the wintry weather.

“If I choose between the cold and hot seasons, I prefer the colder ones, but I don’t want to go out,” said Jennie Malboeuf, a visiting English professor at Guilford who is originally from Kentucky. 

Malboeuf noted that she does not like seasons with extreme temperatures, and that shoveling snow is a hassle. She prefers indoor activities to outdoor snow-related activities.  

“I like warmth, and I prefer warm seasons like summer, to cold seasons like winter,” said Andy Li, a junior and international student from China.

Li said that he doesn’t like the cold very much because it feels good in the warmer months, and people are more likely to get sick when it is cold. He also hates snowy roads. However, he loves outdoor activities and was disappointed that there has only been a little snow so far this season and almost no chance to engage in winter outdoor activities.

Selena Wolf Berkeley, the assistant director of Guilford’s Learning and Writing Center, is a resident of Greensboro. 

“I think I like both warm and cold weather equally because the warm weather means gardening and going to the ocean, but cold weather means holidays and a cozy time next to the fireplace,” Berkeley said. “I love snowy weather as long as the power stays on and the fridge is stocked!” 

Even in extreme temperatures, changing your indoor environment to make it more comfortable can be a good way to cope. Winter with snow is harsh, but it is a very beautiful season.

Overall, many people enjoy winter and snow, but at the same time, many agree that there are some negative aspects of the season. Some factors make participating in outdoor activities more difficult, including the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last two years, the number of people spending time with others outside has decreased, and now that online exchanges have become the mainstream, indoor activities have become more popular. As they become accustomed to indoor activities, more and more people may be avoiding the outdoors, especially during the harsh winter weather.