The Biohazard Ultimate Frisbee Club

Have you ever heard of the Biohazard Ultimate Frisbee Club? Are you interested? It’s been around Guildford for what feels like generations. 

“We are still unsure how this club got the name ‘Biohazard,’ but it has been passed on from students for many years,” said senior Denis Widdicombe who is a co-captain of the Frisbee club.

“Our club has a focus on two things: teamwork/relationships and fitness,” said Widdicombe. “We want to be the club where people can come and feel like themselves while staying active,” said Widdicombe.

Widdicombe also said that people interested in the club shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid of making mistakes. 

“We are not one of those clubs that puts such an emphasis on fitness and will become aggressive when people mess up because we all mess up and that’s OK!” said Widdicombe. 

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of college clubs is? Like most clubs, they allow you to meet new people and make relationships that can last a lifetime. Through them, you can learn more about yourself and develop skills that can help with future success. 

“We are going to try and go to tournaments next semester,” said senior co-captain Julia Hudson. “We haven’t gone to any tournaments yet this year because we want to properly teach our new players and we are worried about COVID at other schools. But we are going to try! “

Frazier Turner, who is the third co-captain of the club and in his fourth year on the team, touched on his best experience. 

“My best experience with Biohazard Ultimate Frisbee has to be when we went to a week-long tournament at the beach for my spring break my freshman year. I was just able to really get to know my teammates on that trip and that bond has lasted with most of them,” said Turner. 

The Frisbee Club’s goal is to teach Guilford students the game and offer members the chance to develop friendships in the process. For now, practices are held once a week, on Saturdays from 4 to 5:30 p.m., but members hope to add more practice sessions.

“We have had a tough time getting members during COVID, but as of this semester, we finally have the numbers to get a real practice going once a week, which has been great,” said Turner.

“As always we are open to new players with no experience. Currently, we are rebuilding after a rough year and a half of COVID, but we are excited and happy we are gaining traction again. We hope for more students to come out and learn about the great game of Frisbee. No matter the skill type, you are welcome here! Hope to see you on the field!” Hudson said.