Expectations and hopes among students for spring semester


Ellen Han

Sunlight filters through the trees onto the lawn in front of Duke Hall and Hege Library.

Basketball season starts up in January, and football is scheduled to begin their season in February. Spring semester is rapidly approaching, leaving college students everywhere wondering how the semester will go.

Guilford College cheerleaders are racing against time to make sure they have cheer materials for both sports seasons ready.

51 Guilford students participated in a poll on the Guilfordian Instagram page. 17 students, or 33 percent of those polled, said they were excited for spring semester, and 34 people, or 67 percent of those polled, said they were more worried than excited. 

The poll results show that Quakers are very concerned about how the spring semester will play out. The uncertainty regarding how next semester will operate has Guilford students contemplating whether or not they should live on campus for the spring semester. 

71 Guilford College students were polled about their plans for living on or off campus. 46 Quakers, or 65 percent of those polled, said they planned to live on campus for the spring semester, while 25 students, or 35 percent of students polled, said they are not planning to live on campus.

“The only thing that I am worried about are students not following the COVID guidelines/precautions of the College,” explained first-year Guilford cheerleader Victoria Pigford. “I am excited to be in the presence of other Guilford students again. I am also really looking forward to cheering at football and basketball games.” 

 First-year Betzy Cilio reflected on her experience of living on campus during the fall: “I lived on campus last semester and it was pretty good. I met really incredible people. It was different than I had expected since it was my first semester as a college student.”

Junior Marisabel Guzman highlighted how her living arrangements affected her in both positive and negative ways when she lived off campus and out of the country for the fall. 

“I lived off-campus and it was a mixed combination of emotions,” she said. “It felt good to be close to my family, but I definitely missed being on campus a lot. Since I was in the Dominican Republic, I couldn’t even see my friends from time to time, (but) on the other hand I was able to see people from high school who I missed a lot.” 

Since she is currently out of the country, Guzman’s only main concern is being able to fly back for the spring semester with the possibility of increased flying restrictions in the Dominican Republic.

Guilford College is currently undergoing major changes, in addition to all of the unknown factors due to the global pandemic. Nevertheless, many Quakers are maintaining an optimistic outlook for the spring, and are really excited for events and sports games to start picking back up on campus. 

Guzman said that she is excited about returning to campus in the spring, having in-person classes, being back at cheer practices and seeing her friends again. 

I’m especially looking forward to the sports seasons, cheering and spreading school spirit,” stated Cilio.

Junior Henry Freeman is most looking forward to reconnecting with his friends, while first-year Kylee Duarte is most excited to start practicing softball and getting ready for the season. 

Junior Brad Clarke is looking forward to the return of football at Guilford. 

Students are hoping that in the spring the College will begin to incorporate more student involved events that can get people engaged, making the college feel more like a true home.

Guzman’s biggest problem with last semester was “not being able to have any of the college experience except for the classes.” She is hoping to “feel more connected to campus” for the spring semester. 

Some students recommended trying to make events such as “Deal Or No Deal” and bingo outdoor activities instead of the traditional indoor events. Students also suggested playing music around campus from WQFS to lighten students’ moods throughout the day, bring up their stamina and increase school spirit. 

Students have also voiced multiple concerns with meal plan options, and feel as though the school should bring back meal plan options that students once had but were taken away, such as quesadillas as a meal swipe. With the limited choices now available for meal swipes at the Grill, students only really have the option of a hamburger, wrap or chicken tenders. 

Quakers are hoping for a spring semester where more outdoor campus activities are able to continue and flourish to boost student enthusiasm and bring the Quaker Nation closer together as a community. Additionally, many students are excited for the sports season to begin, and are expecting Quaker sports to make campus feel alive again.