Midterm blues and burnout remedies for students

It’s that time of the year againmidterm season. Other than finals and Halloween, for many, this is the scariest time of the year. 

Midterms have once again reared their head. Even if you haven’t had any midterms this year, chances are you have felt the pressure from the strenuous workload that piles up around this time.

Whether it be from panicking over the overdue assignments in Canvas or the paper that we waited until the last minute to write, most of us have found ourselves needing an outlet for the stress that comes with online school.

 Many Guilford students have been trying to find outlets this year since many of the activities they would normally serve as distractions are either cancelled or happening online. On-campus events usually serve as a way for students to connect and forget about schoolwork, but these events are limited this year due to the pandemic. As a result, Guilford students have had to find ways to spend time with their friends in a safe, socially distant environment. 

Senior Darby Houton has dealt with the stress from his workload this year by “talking to people” and “sharing common ground with other students.” Running is another outlet for Houton.

 To avoid burnout, sophomore Essence Johnson “chil(s) out with (her) friends” or “ask(s) them to help (her).” 

To keep a handle on his stress, sophomore Cooper Alexander and his roommate “go out to (an) elementary school down the road and play basketball a lot.” He also finds that visiting his chiropractor is relaxing.

Although staring at a computer everyday may not seem like much work, in reality, it can be draining and frustrating. This is why it is more important than ever to take the time that we need to unwind and destress. It can be hard to separate school from personal time when it all seems to blend together, but in this anxiety-ridden time, it is necessary to take breaks and relax.

Working out, going for a walk and binge watching your favorite show are all great ways to destress.  If you need human interaction, remember to always socially distance and wear your masks at all times when hanging out with friends. Be smart and safe, and don’t forget to make your personal wellbeing a priority!